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Every tattoo is unique, it tells a story, YOUR story! Every tattoo carries with it many meanings, it goes beyond the design, in every representation it contains a message and an emotion. This is why in our Tattoo Studios in Milan and Cinisello Balsamo the tattoo artists express themselves through a design created just for you so as to give space to your idea and your choice. Every little stroke of your design deserves our utmost care and attention to hygiene and the materials used. Tell us about your tattoo, contact us for a meeting, we are waiting for you in our Tattoo Studio!

Tattoos Milan

At Ligera ink tattoo Milano, each tattoo is a work of art created with passion and precision by the artists in our studio. We specialise in various styles, including realistic, traditional, watercolour and fineline, guaranteeing a customised design that reflects your uniqueness. Our philosophy is based on close cooperation with the customer: we listen to your ideas and turn them into permanent art on your skin.

Safety and hygiene are fundamental pillars of Ligera ink. We use advanced techniques and first-rate materials, ensuring that each tattoo is done in a sterilised environment. Our team of professional artists is dedicated to offering you a unique and comfortable experience, accompanying you every step of the process, from design conception to post-tattoo care.

Piercing Milan

Ligera ink is also the ideal place for piercing lovers. We offer a wide range of piercings, including earrings, septums, labrets, and more, using high-quality titanium jewellery and state-of-the-art techniques to ensure excellent aesthetic results and optimal healing.

Our team consists of experienced professionals, ready to welcome you and guide you in choosing the most suitable piercing for your needs.

Our priority is your safety: we adopt strict hygiene protocols and provide detailed advice to ensure that each piercing is perfectly suited to you.

Pioneers and landmark 

Our philosophy combines a love for art with attention to detail, always guaranteeing unfailing professionalism towards our customers. The Ligera Ink team becomes the storyteller of the story you want to engrave on your body, leaving room for the customer’s ideas and imagination and helping him in his choice. In our tattoo studio in Milan and Cinisello, at the hands of a team of experienced tattooists, the main schools of tattooing come to life.

Our Milan tattoo artists


 Realistic Tattoos



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Japanese Tattoos



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Realistic Tattoos



Blackwork Tattoos



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Walk-in Tattoo Milano

The walk-in tattoo service is designed for those who wish to express their individuality through the art of tattooing without long waits. In our studios we accept tattoos without an appointment for small to medium-sized tattoos. This option allows customers to have tailor-made tattoos with maximum flexibility, thanks to the availability of the studio artists. It is a service designed to enhance creative impulsiveness, while guaranteeing the quality and professionalism that distinguish the Ligera Ink studio.

Why choose Ligera Ink Tattoo Milan 

The exponential growth of our clientele is our best calling card. A growth that testifies to the high level of satisfaction, due above all to the aesthetic quality of the creations realised. Ambition, curiosity, passion and flexibility are the fundamental principles on which our policy is based and at the same time are determining factors in our growth. Our strength is based on the choice of professionals, the interpretative qualities of our clients’ requests, communicative excellence and the ability to realise. Our team of professionals is always ready to understand your desire and make it a reality.



Magnificent experience super super knowledgeable staff, he really is a guarantee if you want tattoos of the highest standard and with unique perfection I recommend him to everyoneBeppe M.


Ligera Ink Tattoo Milano was a pleasant experience. The excitement of the moment vanished quickly thanks to the welcome, friendliness and professionalism of the Ligera staff. Simone welcomed me with kindness and friendliness. The studio is cosy, clean and professional. Walter did a great job by fully understanding my request and proposing a design that I immediately fell in love with. The nice chat during the session made me feel good, it was a great experience that I will take with me along with my beloved tattoo. I recommend Ligera Ink, I thank Simone, I especially thank Walter great professional who tattooed me with extreme passion.Riccardo B.


First large tattoo. I put my trust in this studio and in Walter's hands without regretting the choice. I finally have a beautiful masterpiece on my skin. Clean and well organised studio with extremely nice and friendly staff. I will definitely be back for the next one.Gerlando M.

Our styles

At Ligera Ink, we know that every person is unique, just as their tattoo should be. That is why we offer a wide range of tattoo styles, each with its own personality and meaning. Here is an overview of the styles that distinguish our studio, because every tattoo should be as unique as you are.



Blending ancient and modern influences, this style of tattooing relies on the use of black ink to create designs ranging from geometric patterns to detailed illustrations. The art of blackwork combines ancient and modern influences to create a unique, powerful and striking design.Blending ancient and modern influences, this style of tattooing relies on the use of black ink to create designs ranging from geometric patterns to detailed illustrations. The art of blackwork combines ancient and modern influences to create a unique, powerful and striking design.

Traditional Tattoos


Also known as the ‘Old School’ style, traditional tattooing is characterised by bold lines and vibrant colours. Its iconic images include hearts, anchors and eagles. These tattoos are celebrated for their simplicity and their ability to stand the test of time.

Japanese Tattoos


Rich in symbols and meanings of Japanese culture, the ancient tattoo style tells unique stories with each design. From dragons to cherry blossoms, each tattoo offers a deep and meaningful experience.

Realistic Tattoos

Ligera-ink-tatuaggi-milano-migliori-tatuatori-milano-tattoo-realistici-milano-tatuaggi-realistici-milano-tattoo-leone-milano-tatuaggio-leone--tattoo- milano-centro

Realistic tattoos are known for their precision and attention to detail. This style aims to replicate images and objects as accurately as possible, creating a kind of photograph on the skin.

Tattoo Watercolour


This tattoo style is characterised by the use of bright, flowing colours reminiscent of watercolour painting. These tattoos can include splashes, splashes of colour and brush strokes to create a vibrant and unique work of art on the skin.

Maori Tattoo


Originating from New Zealand’s indigenous culture, Maori tattoos are known for their intricate patterns that symbolise various aspects of life and spirituality. Each design is unique to the individual and tells their personal story.

Tattoo Cartoon


This style of tattoo allows you to bring your favourite characters to life, turning them into a permanent memory on your skin. From superheroes to cartoon characters, these tattoos offer a fun and creative way to express your personality.



Focusing on the representation of words, phrases or quotes, the art of tattoo lettering uses calligraphy and typography techniques to celebrate memories or honour loved ones. The art of this style combines the skill of the tattoo artist with the personal meaning of the client to create a tattoo that is as unique as it is personal.

Fine Line Tattoo


Fine line tattoo art is characterised by its use of fine, detailed lines to create sophisticated images. From floral illustrations to handwritten quotes, fine line tattoos offer an elegant and minimalist way to express one’s personality through body art.

Geometric Tattoos


This style of tattooing focuses on the use of geometric shapes and patterns to create designs that express balance, symmetry and order. From intricate mandalas to simple, essential shapes, geometric tattoos offer a powerful and visually appealing way to represent ideas of harmony, infinity and universal connection.

Some of our latest work done in the tattoo studio in Milan

Why choose Ligera Ink for your tattoos?

  • Choosing the right tattoo artist: Ligera Ink Tattoo Milano is a studio that pays as much attention to detail as to compliance with health and hygiene regulations.
  • Be aware that no matter how light-hearted our tattoo artists are, tattooing, in itself, can cause pain depending on one’s threshold of tolerance.
  • Tattooing has a variable price: the cost depends on various components. The idea, the time and the sterilised materials spent, in order to obtain a quality end product, are the elements that influence the cost of the tattoo.
  • With the passage of time, it happens that one is no longer confident or satisfied with one’s tattoo. In this case, one can resort to so-called ‘cover-ups’ or total removal. Each of these two actions involves a cost and, in the second case, consequences for the skin. So be very sure when you visit your trusted tattoo artist.