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Ligera Ink Tattoo Milan – Gambara

In 2015, Ligera Ink’s first studio opened in Via Jacopo Palma 5 Milan, Gambara area. Stylistically it refers to the old Milan of the 1970s, the Milan of the years of lead. A city made up of streets lived until late in the day, of not-so-clean bars, of bus stops, of small trattorias and stores, of the working-class world amalgamated with the clerical world of the first big factories. A city all in all alive even in the small nooks and crannies of the suburbs. In this context the small underworld, the Ligera, took life and form. Characters in criminal masks, disorganized and clueless. Romantically mentioned in popular songs.

A subculture so deeply rooted that it has inspired our tattoo studio in Milan, which dedicates and pays homage to all this with its own name: Ligera Ink.

A location also stylistically consistent with its creator’s message that goes beyond the artistic space related to tattooing and becomes a square open to communication and experience. A journey that starts from the history of the Milanese Ligera and explores tattoo culture applied in Italian customs and traditions.

Strong, warm colors, psychedelia in small doses, “space age” décor, original posters from 70s cop movies, vinyl and lots of plastic material. Nothing is left to chance.

Ligera Ink is a small corner of the city open to wide-ranging initiatives, an old-fashioned location where you can savor the aroma and whiff of the 1970s Milanese city, communicate, meet people and come alive once again. To live the relationship between people and with the city itself. What the old Ligera, for better or worse has always done for Milan.

Opening hours 11-19 Monday-Saturday. Sunday Closed.

Contacts: info@ligeraink.it Phone: 3737209501

Where we are: Via Jacopo Palma 5 – Milano

Instagram: @ligera_inktattoomilano

Facebook: @ligeraink