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Piercing Milan

Looking for a distinctive piercing experience in the heart of Milan? Our studio is the ideal place for those who wish to express themselves through body art. We offer personalised advice to help you choose the piercing that best represents your individuality, in an environment that puts safety and professionalism first. Discover with us the perfect balance of tradition and innovation in the world of piercing.

Type of piercing

Our studio offers a complete range of piercings, from the most classic styles to the most modern approaches. Whether you prefer something understated or want a look that won’t go unnoticed, we are here to help you find the ideal solution.

Tongue piercing

Also known as the Tongue Piercing, it represents one of the most daring choices in the body piercing scene.

In addition to the classic vertical piercing, there are variants that offer further customisation of the experience: Snake Eyes, Venom, Marley or Tongue Web, Smiley.

Lip Piercing

The Lip Piercing, also known as the Lip Piercing, is a type of piercing that decorates the lips and is very versatile as it can be placed in different areas around the mouth.

There are several types including: Monroe, Medusa, Vertical Labret, Snake Bites

Nose Piercing

A timeless classic, the nose piercing suits both discreet styles and more conspicuous expressions. It varies from the classic nostril to the more daring septum.

Popular styles include: Nostril, Septum, Bridge


Eyebrow Piercing

The eyebrow piercing adds a touch of boldness to the face, allowing a wide variety of customisation through the choice of jewellery.

Variations in style include: Horizontal Eyebrow Piercing, Vertical Eyebrow Piercing

Navel Piercing

The belly button piercing is an emblem of sensuality and freedom, widely appreciated for its aesthetic appeal. This piercing is distinguished by its unique position, which requires specific care during the healing process due to exposure to rubbing and contact with clothing.

There are several types including: Standard Belly, Inverse Belly

Nipple piercing

Considered among the most daring piercings, the nipple piercing symbolises strength and individuality. Personalised experience and privacy are priorities during this procedure, which ends with the insertion of bars or rings.

Types of nipple piercings: Horizontal Nipple, Vertical Nipple


The microdermal represents the cutting edge of piercings, allowing jewellery to be placed almost anywhere on the skin surface. This sophisticated technique implants an anchor under the skin, onto which an external jewel is attached.

Single-Point Piercing, Cluster Arrangement

Piercing all'orecchio

Ear piercing transcends the traditional earlobes and is enriched with varieties such as the helix, trangus and daith, each with its own meaning and style. This allows for a unique personal expression.

Here are some types of ear piercings: helix, tragus, daith

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Don’t wait any longer! Visit our studio in Milan to discover the art of piercing in a safe and professional environment. Our experts are ready to guide you in making the perfect choice for you, offering personalised advice and careful care every step of the way.

History of Piercing in Milan

The transformation of piercing from a symbol of rebellion to a refined artistic expression represents a significant cultural evolution. This change took shape in the 1980s, when piercing began to emerge as a distinctive element within urban cultures, transcending subcultural boundaries to establish itself as an accepted and valued practice.

Over time, this form of body art gained recognition and appreciation, becoming a means for individuals from diverse backgrounds to express their uniqueness and personality.

How to Choose Your Piercing

Choosing the right piercing requires careful consideration of what really represents you and the message you wish to convey through your body. However, it is essential to consider a few aspects before making a decision. First, think about the type of piercing that best suits your personality and lifestyle.

Some piercings, such as tongue or lip piercings, require specific care and can affect your daily life. Think about the location and type of jewellery, opting for high quality materials that minimise the risk of allergic reactions and promote optimal healing.

Cura e Trattamento

Once the piercing is done, care and treatment become critical to ensure optimal healing and prevent infection. Our specialists provide detailed post-procedure instructions, ensuring that each client is prepared to care for their new piercing.

It is essential to follow these instructions to the letter, which include regularly cleaning the area with saline solutions, avoiding direct contact with cosmetic or potentially irritating products, and maintaining good general hygiene. In addition, it is important to avoid touching the piercing with unwashed hands and to resist the temptation to play with it, especially in the early stages.

Remember that healing time may vary depending on the type of piercing and your personal constitution. If you have any concerns or complications, it is always best to consult your piercer or a doctor immediately. By following these care and maintenance tips, your piercing will heal properly, allowing you to enjoy your new body expression for a long time.

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Why ligera ink

Choosing the right piercer: Ligera Ink Tattoo Milano is a studio that pays attention to both attention to detail and compliance with health and hygiene regulations.

Be aware that, as much as our piercers are wizards of lightness, piercing, in itself, can cause pain depending on one’s threshold of tolerance.

Ligera Ink takes all these dynamics into account and, the exponential growth of our clientele is our best calling card. A growth that testifies to the high level of satisfaction, mainly due to the aesthetic quality of the creations made by us. Ambition, curiosity, passion and flexibility are the fundamental principles on which our policy is based and at the same time are determining factors to our growth.

Our strength is based on the selection of professionals, interpretative qualities of clients’ requests, communication excellence and realization ability. The team of professionals is always ready to understand your wish and make it a reality.