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Eyebrow Piercing Milan

Eyebrow piercing: Procedure

Eyebrow piercing, a visible and bold style statement, follows a precise and hygienic procedure to ensure safety and beauty. Initially, the area is cleaned and disinfected. A mark with a felt-tip pen indicates where the needle, held with special forceps to control depth, will pierce the skin. This step requires skill to minimise pain and ensure the correct position of the jewel, which can vary from dumbbells to curved barbells or bead rings, preferably in materials such as titanium to avoid allergic reactions.

After drilling, the sterile jewel is carefully inserted. It is important to follow post-cure recommendations, such as avoiding sun, alcohol and painkillers before and after the procedure, for optimal healing. Choosing an experienced piercer is crucial for a safe and satisfying experience.

Eyebrow piercing Milan: The different types

Piercing verticale

Vertical Piercing

The vertical eyebrow piercing, characterised by two holes positioned vertically above the eye, is a body art classic for its elegance and versatility. It can be performed on either side of the eyebrow, often inclined at a 35° angle, and is suitable for various styles, from the minimalist to the more daring such as the spiral piercing. This type of piercing is appreciated for its ability to enhance any face shape, offering a wide choice of jewellery, such as barbells, straight bars or rings, to further customise the look. However, it involves greater sensitivity in the eyebrow area and requires careful care during healing to prevent complications.

Piercing orizzontale

Horizontal Piercing

The horizontal eyebrow piercing is a bold option that allows you to customise your look without following eyebrow trends. Made with two horizontal holes above the eye, it adapts to the natural shape of the eyebrows, allowing for a unique expression of personal style. Available in various jewellery options such as barbells and rings, it can be placed on either side of the face or duplicated for a more pronounced look. This piercing stands out for its originality and versatility, but requires careful care in healing and can increase sensitivity in the area. It is ideal for those seeking a distinctive look while being aware of their specific care needs.

How to cure an eyebrow piercing

Eyebrow piercing care is critical for uncomplicated healing, requiring attention and patience. After application, healing time varies between 6 and 8 weeks, with complete healing taking up to a year.

To prevent infection, it is crucial to disinfect the piercing twice daily for the first 8 weeks, using saline or antiseptic solutions. Also, the most suitable jewelry is dumbbells, curved barbells or beaded rings, avoiding heavy or nickel materials.

During the healing period, it is essential to gently clean around the hole with a cotton swab or cotton ball soaked in saline solution, taking care to remove any scabs without forcing. In addition, it is important to dry the area by patting it dry with a clean tissue, avoiding towels that may leave residue.

Maintaining high standards of hygiene is essential: Avoid contact with standing water (pools, lakes, etc.) and do not touch the piercing with dirty hands.

Using creams, lotions or perfumes on the piercing is not recommended. If there are symptoms such as itching, redness or swelling indicative of a possible inflammatory process, it is important to consult a professional for advice on how to proceed.

Following these directions and closely monitoring the various stages of healing-from the initial inflammatory phase to the complete maturation of the tissue-can ensure optimal healing


How much does an eyebrow piercing cost?

In Milan, the price of an eyebrow piercing can vary depending on several factors. These include: The specific area of the body involved, the quality of the materials chosen for the jewel, and the experience of the professional in charge of performing the piercing.

What are the contraindications of eyebrow piercing?

Before proceeding with an eyebrow piercing, carefully consider these contraindications:

  1. Avoid piercing if you are ill or have recently taken antibiotics. Wait two weeks after the last dose.
  2. Postpone if you have medical appointments that require you to remove jewellery.
  3. Do not pierce if you have blood clotting disorders.
  4. In the case of pregnancy or post-partum, it is best to wait before piercing.
  5. Avoid water (sea, pool) and sauna in the first months after piercing.
  6. Skin problems exclude the possibility of piercing.

Finally, the eyebrow piercing must be performed at an angle of 40 degrees to avoid damage to the nerves of the eyelid. In case of complications, consult a doctor immediately.

What to do in the event of rejection of the eyebrow piercing?

Rejection of an eyebrow piercing, indicated by pus, pain and swelling, requires immediate removal. It can result from unsuitable materials, poor care, superficial placement, or the body’s reaction to the foreign element. Choosing jewellery, such as straight or slightly curved bars, that is hypoallergenic in steel or titanium and following proper hygiene minimises the risks.

Can one wear make-up with an eyebrow piercing?

After an eyebrow piercing, it is advisable to avoid applying make-up, especially products containing alcohol, to the affected area during initial healing. However, it is possible to fix the eyebrows around the piercing to maintain a neat appearance, using high-quality tweezers to avoid irritation.